IF MAN’S BASIC NEEDS are food, clothing and shelter, then perhaps we can say that the most basic materials are cloth, metal, and wood. The weaving and embellishment of cloth, the mining and forging of metal, and the cutting, carving and burning of wood have all defined human civilization. W17, the eclectic and exquisitely curated… read more »

How To Replace A Skirting Board

How To Replace a Skirting Board – Skirting is vulnerable to damage from clumsy feet and cleaning machines; but replacement is easy. Skirting boards do not often need replacing ; if they do, it usually means there are other problems that must be investigated and put right. Central heating, for example, can cause skirting boards… read more »

Different Types Of Drill Bits

Different types of drill bits – Drilling accurately into wood will be made easy if you use the right equipment. A whole range of bits is available for use with swing braces. hand drills (sometimes known as wheel braces) and electric drills, although swing brace and drill bits are often not interchangeable because of the… read more »

Patio Fireplace For Square Exterior Design With Natural Nuance

Patio Fireplace for Square Exterior Design with Natural Nuance – Everyone must have known Drewing Architects from Toronto, Canada who just designed patio fireplace for his latest architectural projects. Different from his former projects, he applies natural concept for both interior and exterior design of his design. Hence, as a modern residence, his square house… read more »

White Sofas For Contemporary Residence Interior Furniture

White Sofas for Contemporary Residence Interior Furniture – Talking about interior design of Klemper Residence, contemporary interior of white sofas can be so deluxe if minimalist furniture is applied on a concrete interior wall design. Indeed, minimalist furniture is usually applied on interior design that is designed by wooden material for main interior wall. However,… read more »