IF MAN’S BASIC NEEDS are food, clothing and shelter, then perhaps we can say that the most basic materials are cloth, metal, and wood. The weaving and embellishment of cloth, the mining and forging of metal, and the cutting, carving and burning of wood have all defined human civilization. W17, the eclectic and exquisitely curated… read more »

8 Gorgeous Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Use these bedroom decorating ideas to create a new look with fabulous fabrics, paint and the latest bedlinens. NEW COUNTRY Use reclaimed boards, or fake it with a digitally printed wallpaper, to create a rustic backdrop in your bedroom (above). Layer the bed with printed linens with a subtle woodland design and cosy knitted throws…. read more »

9 Clever Ideas For A Small Bedroom

1. Avoid dark bedroom walls. Light paint or wallpaper will help make the room feel larger. pinterest pinterest 2. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors: vibrant walls, vivid pictures, colorful curtains or a blanket will lighten up your room. Make sure you know when enough is enough, though. pinterest origin-global 3. Oftentimes, your bedroom also acts as your closet, and an enormous wardrobe… read more »

16 Dreamy Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours

Admit it, you’ve fantasized about your dream bedroom for years, probably since you were a kid. And you were definitely thinking about what you would do with your own room if you had to share your childhood bedroom. You can find brand new inspiration for that fantasy bedroom, or even your real bedroom, by looking at… read more »

A 15th Century Croatian House Transforms Into An Extraordinary Island Getaway

No one can say New York designer Lucien Reese Roberts doesn’t look out for his friends. He and architect Steven Harris—Interior Design Hall of Fame members and partners in life and work—already had their own idyllic island retreat off Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, a ferry ride from Dubrovnik. They’d created it by restoring and expanding a… read more »