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10 Most Valuable Home Improvements

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10 most valuable home improvements – If you’re thinking about selling your home you want to do the best you can for it to stand out amongst the property crowd. Even though the market is much improved than it was during the recession and house prices have bounced back in most areas to pre-2007 levels, you still want to get the best price you can if you want to sell up and move.

There are a number things you can do to make your home more appealing to a potential purchaser, most of these are really easy and affordable, others might take a bit more time, effort and money, but they are all well worth doing because a small amount of investment can either make your home sell quickly or for a better price or even both!

10 most valuable home improvements

Here are :

1. A tired and drab kitchen is one major thing to put off a potential buyer. Especially if you’re trying to sell a family home an ugly and unhygienic kitchen will put off any family with style and taste. These days there really is no excuse for a grim kitchen when a new kitchen can be bought and installed in the most affordable way imaginable. I’m still amazed at how affordable some new kitchens can be today.

2. Investing in a new bathroom suite would definitely be my number two home improvement. Anyone looking to buy a home will find a new bathroom suite that has been nicely tiled and decorated really appealing. Yes, kitchens and bathrooms can be one of the larger improvements to invest in, but don’t underestimate the effect that they have on potential home buyers. If you make the right choice and don’t over invest you will definitely get a return on your hard work.

3. Replacing your old boiler with a new, more energy-efficient one and even considering upgrading your single glazed windows to doubleglazing are both really attractive home improvements. Both are big selling points as they make the home more energy-efficient, but also make the home more comfortable in terms of heat, reducing coldness and draughts and making your home quieter.

4. Give your home a coat of paint both inside and outside. This is one of the easiest jobs to do and you can even do it yourself. People genuinely notice a freshly painted home the second they walk through the door. On that note there is nothing smarter than a newly painted front door with new ironmongery.

5. If there are any rooms that have tiredlooking carpets in them then have them changed. With a bit of research and shopping around you can find the most affordable carpets that look great. Don’t go for anything too funky or too personal as this can have the negative effect of actually putting people off! You don’t want to live there anymore so stick to simple, neutral colours. Personally I avoid anything bland like cream or beige and go for colours that have to a bit of depth like shades of bluish grey, which are neutral but cool.

6. If you have any exposed timber floors think about giving them a makeover if they have seen better days. You can hire a sander for very little money and giving your timber floors a light sanding is something you can easily do yourself, but do make sure you do this before decorating any rooms because the dust gets everywhere. Reseal the floors with oil that gives the timber a natural look. Avoid varnish as it can make your beautifully sanded floor look like it has a plastic finish.

7. Lighting is such an important part of a good 21st-century home so make sure you make an effort to change all of your LED bulbs and replace any tired looking lamp shades or light fittings. This is more important than you could possibly imagine especially if you are trying to sell your home during the autumn or winter seasons when it will be dark in the evenings when people finish work and want to make an evening viewing. They will obviously want to make a second viewing during the day, but first impressions do last.

8. Styling your home in the right way is as important as home improvement work. Remove any old and tired furniture, particularly any furniture that is over-sized and makes any rooms in your house feel smaller. There are enough affordable furniture companies for your home to look really smart.

9. Give any outside spaces such as front and back gardens, roof terraces or balconies a bit of TLC. This is more manual work and involves lots of cleaning and tidying up, but first impressions last and a grim front garden isn’t great.

10. When you know you have someone coming to view with an estate agent make sure you make an effort to clean the place, declutter, buy flowers, light a few perfumed candles to make the space smell clean and fresh and even pop on a pot of fresh coffee.

Honestly, these 10 most valuable home improvements makes a difference! Good luck!

Originally posted 2015-01-28 09:26:32.

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