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12 Rare Photos From Inside The Richest Man In The Worlds Home

Did you really think that the richest man in the entire United States would live in a three bedroom house in the suburbs with a nice lawn and maybe a pool in the backyard?

Bill Gates likes to spend his money frugally and is well-known for his countless charitable donations. However, when it came to his house, the founder of Microsoft decided to splurge for once. The home is estimated to cost $150 million, the most on record for an American residence. Located in Medina, Washington, this stunning home is sure to impress. Here are 12 rare photos from inside this exquisite home.


In a high-stress world of business, Gates made sure that his home offered relaxation and tranquility. Here, you see a massive aquarium with a living-room style setting that offers a beautiful view into the world of rare marine animals. From dolphins and whales to sea creatures and sharks, Gates made sure that the inhabitants would not do harm to one another.


Typically one of the messiest rooms in any home is the dust room just off of the porch. This dust room, however proves to be an exception to the rule. Exposed wood beam ceilings and a unique stone grey fireplace make this a stunning room to enjoy even the rainiest of days. We especially love the wood table and natural color palette.

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