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28 Fantastic DIY Log Rustic Decoration Ideas You Need To See

Many people would say that wood logs are really important to us, as we use them especially in the cold winter nights as a main source of warmth. They are not only a main source of warmth, but also a significant source of material for making wooden furniture. Did you ever think that wood logs can be used for something else and not just to light a fire, or to make an elegant piece of furniture?

Well, if you have no idea how to use the wood logs, look at the fantastic DIY log ideas below. These examples are not as elegant as those made in a factory, but they will give your home a dose of uniqueness and will keep the attention of the people. There are plenty ideas how you can use logs and how you can combine them.

You can use them to create unique piece of furniture, like small and cute coffee tables or little bedside table, interesting coat hangers, unique handrail and many other cute and little details for your home. You can even use logs to create a dog or bird feeder, or a place where you can store your favorite books. Candle holders can also be made out of logs, as well as a decoration for your dining room where you can incorporate small lighting bulbs. You can even use a wood log as a holder for your lamp or as a flower pot. Another creative use of logs would be for your outdoor space. Create decorative elements out of logs to make your garden more interesting and unique.

Light a fire and enjoy in every single one of your creations! Be inspired, and inspire the others as well! Don’t think twice! Choose some of these amazing ideas and turn them into new rustic decorations and useful elements for your home. Bring uniqueness, warmth and a little rustic style to your place with some of these 24 fantastic DIY log rustic decoration ideas you need to see!

1.Log Coffee Table

2.Round Log Table

3.Wheeled Log Table

4.Log Table With Glass Top

5.Long Log Chair

6.Small Log Chair

7.Log Bath

8.Log Bedside Table


9.Log Handrail

10.Log Coat Hanger


11.Log Lamp

12.Log Table Lamp

13.Log Candles

14.Decoration For Thanksgiving

15.Log Library

16.Pencil Holder


17.Dog Feeder

18.Bird Feeder

19.Log Flowerpot


20.Log Flower Decoration

21.Log Pathway

22.Decorative Glow In The Night Log

23.Huge Log Flowerpots

24.Log Fountain

25. DIY Jewellry Holder

26. DIY Hardwood Floor

27. Decorate Your Wall

28. DIY Wooden Coffee Table

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