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8 Design Tricks For Kitchens With Barely Any Counter Space

Counter space is some of the most precious real estate in your entire house. Not only do you need room to cook, but often counters act as extra storage for everyday tools and ingredients. Here’s how to stretch every inch out of them, while creating a kitchen that look stylish, too.

1. Choose pretty canisters.

If you’re an avid baker who enjoys having easy access to her sugars and flours (or a stretched-thin mom who needs to be able grab Cheerios, stat), it’s OK to devote some counter space to non-perishables. But leaving them in their original packaging is just asking for a cluttered look. Joan at For the Love of a House decanted ingredients into elegant glass jars for an airy feeling, but opaque stainless canisters (like these) can lend themselves to a look that’s even more tidy.

Originally posted 2016-02-14 19:47:57.

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