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9 Clever Ideas For A Small Bedroom

1. Avoid dark bedroom walls. Light paint or wallpaper will help make the room feel larger.

2. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors: vibrant walls, vivid pictures, colorful curtains or a blanket will lighten up your room. Make sure you know when enough is enough, though.

3. Oftentimes, your bedroom also acts as your closet, and an enormous wardrobe eats up space. Choose a light-colored wardrobe to enhance the feeling of space in your room.

4. As an alternative to your usual closet, consider сhoosing a built-in wall niche. Curtains as doors will let you savor the lightness of this interior design.

5. For seasonal clothing, you can always mount a rack for commonly used items to be ready at hand. The ones you wear rarely can be put on shelves that match the color of the walls.

6. Minimalism is an excellent design concept for a small room. Keep only the most important furniture pieces and add some cool decorative elements.

7. If a small-sized bedroom belongs to a teenager or student, there is a need for some work space. All the furniture in this room must be compact and multipurpose.

8. Kids’ and teens’ rooms will look nice with bright and colorful tones. In this case, you can use the most saturated colors.

9. Bunk beds will help when you have two kids living in one room. Modern types of these beds are very comfortable and great for space-saving.

Originally posted 2016-05-04 19:35:48.

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