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Bedroom Cabinets For Residence Interior Design Furniture

Bedroom Cabinets for Residence Interior Design Furniture – Refreshing look is emphasized in this urban residence design which applies bedroom cabinets. This wooden Urban Cabin is completed by Suyama Peterson Deguchi, a Washington-based architectural studio. Inspired by the fresh look of the nature surrounding, this home is well blended with the beauty of the green vegetation around. Wooden elements are used as the exterior wall giving the earth color theme in the exterior design. The wood is constructed together with the glass elements giving the contemporary and sleek look in this urban home in natural theme.

The green theme in this contemporary home is strengthened by the pool that is set right in front of the home design. The pool is in natural theme, too, but the contemporary look is displayed by the application of the recessed lighting radiating the yellow light. The terrace has airy space and it can be the perfect relaxing space that is furnished with the sleek furniture made in wooden materials such as the bedroom cabinets design. The green yard looks spacious besides this home terrace. The various urban residence structures applied in this living space create the perfect natural theme and feel.

Natural theme is also used as the kitchen interior design. The rustic texture looks great on the kitchen interior wall. The wooden beams are employed as the kitchen interior ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with the branch that accompanies the light bulb installed on the ceiling. The wooden kitchen counters in dark color is set forming the subway kitchen model.

The bedroom interior looks breezy because of the connection with the exterior. The glass door connects the bedroom directly to the exterior terrace with a pair of white benches in modern design. Modern bedding is placed together with the white chair that is also used as the lounge. Urban residence concept in modern design with bedroom cabinets with mirror can also be created the true natural color giving the refreshing look and style.

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