How To Choose Ceramic Tile Flooring

How to choose ceramic tile flooring – With so many ceramic tile options, the secret to specification is in knowing the performance properties of tile. Selecting the perfect tile for the job not only minimizes installation costs but also provides the broadest possible finish options. There are four main types of tile: High Absorption: Ideal… read more »

Favourite Decorating Styles Across The UK

A new survey carried out by Hillarys has uncovered the country’s favourite decorating trends region by region. Those in Yorkshire are most likely to deck out their homes in leopard print, while other notable findings include the East of England’s love of animal-themed designs and the North West’s preference for girlie glamour. Here are the the most popular… read more »

25 Ingenious Ways To Decorate Your Home Which Won’t Cost You Anything At All

Giving your home a makeover is usually thought of as a rather expensive pleasure. But it’s often difficult to spare the funds, and for many people who rent their homes rather than own them, it can seem like a waste of money. But the problem is that from time to time, we all need renewal at home to help us renew ourselves. To help you out, here are 25 ingenious ways to transform… read more »

6 Decorating Ideas For Spring

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of updates around your home to bring the freshness of Spring. Here are six ideas that can help you freshen up your living space and get you in the mood for Spring! 1.) Add Plants and Flowers Nothing says spring like live plants… read more »

Lich Pt Tree House

Are you looking for the ultimate vacation experience? Look no further, this luxury tree house is truly unique and the only tree house that actually has a hemlock tree growing through the center in an enclosed tree tower! The two story, custom built, tree house can accommodate up to 5 people. It has two bedrooms… read more »

15 Awesomely Adorned Basic Consuming Rooms

In in the meanwhile’s article, we could be displaying you footage of primary-impressed consuming rooms. We’re constructive that you simply simply’ve already seen the essential-impressed interiors we now have obtained confirmed you in our earlier articles. Everyone is conscious of about how they work and what sometimes is included in a primary-impressed enterprise. We undoubtedly… read more »

Bring The Sunshine Inside With These Gorgeous Spring Decorating Ideas

Use delicate shades of buttercup yellow, pinky coral and pale celadon green for the freshest spring decorating ideas. MODERN MIX Tim Young Create depth and character by contrasting pared – back, contemporary pieces with classic styles from different eras. Toning shades of yellow unify the scheme (above). Alcoves papered in Wild Flowers New Contemporary Two Collection, 69/11143,… read more »