10 Best Houseplants For Improving The Air Quality In Your Home

Who doesn’t love houseplants? Something about crisp, green, growing leaves seems to brighten up any room. But did you know that houseplants can elevate mood, enhance creativity, promote wellness, and according to studies by NASA, Associated Landscape Contractors of America, and the American Society for Horticultural Science, they also purify indoor air? Our modern day homes are rife… read more »

Foldable Solar-Powered Geodesic DOM(E) Home Can Be Erected Anywhere

The DOM(E) is an appropriate off-grid home for locations as far afield as the Namibian desert and Siberia since the unique construction and insulation provides a comfortable interior climate regardless of outdoor temperatures. Entirely self-sufficient, it has a small solar rooftop system on the house that heats hot water and a rainwater capture system. Related:… read more »

A Former Apple Executive Is Selling His Incredible $35 Million California Smart Home

Former Apple executive Michael Barnick spent millions building his dream house. He started designing the contemporary home with a bevy of automated features in 2005, according to The Wall Street Journal. But by the time it was completed — just a few weeks ago — he no longer needed the 10,000-square-foot mansion, as his kids are all grown up…. read more »