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Corner Sofa As Stylish Furniture For Warm Home Interior Atmosphere

Corner Sofa as Stylish Furniture for Warm Home Interior Atmosphere – G.A.B.B.E Studio created the charming design of this serene home with corner sofa. This home is located in Australia and named as Brighton Escape. Looking at the interior design, this house looks warm and smooth in the application of neutral colors dominated by white. The white interior elements combined with the large glass windows fit well with the interior layout that is designed in airy concept. Rustic texture is presented by the color of the interior ceiling structure. Contemporary lighting in modernistic style is installed on the white ceiling giving the bright and clean look in this interior space.

Comforting nuance is given by the light grey sofas that are designed in modern style. Lower coffee table is placed in the middle of this corner sofa design. This table is designed in light wooden color. The esthetic appearance in this interior is displayed by the curved features on the ceiling. The rustic texture in this interior looks chic to be combined with the white elements in this interior space. Rusticity and neutral colors are perfect for this serene home decoration.

White interior flooring structured from tile fits well with the color of the white wall and ceiling. This curved ceiling has contemporary lighting hung above the staircase area. The staircase is designed in wooden color. Vintage style can be seen from the design of the dining area. The wooden desk looks great with these vintages. The interior ceiling in grey color fits well with the white interior elements that look clean.

The living room looks clean and lively with the retro style in one of the wall side. The wooden cabinets can be the savvy storage that can be installed in this room. The retro painting is attached on the red interior wall in geometrical texture. Serene Home interiors with corner sofa set in this lively color are very inspiring especially in giving the colorful accent.

Originally posted 2015-07-30 09:18:30.

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