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Create A ’70s Chic Bedroom With These Rad Tips & Ideas

Your bedroom is absolutely an extension of your personality and of course, your personal style. It is the best place to express yourself and play with design, accessorizing, and color. If you’re of the boho ’70s chic persuasion, there’s a chance you might be interested in some of the following stunning bedrooms. Pick up a few ideas from these stylish havens, and shop a couple of the key pieces to add to your eclectic mix.


We found this boho bedroom on My Domaine. We especially love the idea of incorporating embroidery and tassels into your room’s decor. Pick up an embroidered tapestry or throw to add some eclectic print to the mix.

Shop woven blanket on Urban Outiftters.


We found this design on Decoholic. Add some eclectic mysticism by using dream catchers as a major design element in your 70s chic bedroom. We also love the use of a printed duvet cover and hanging tapestry.


Shop this dream catcher on Etsy.

We found this design on Her Campus. We love the use of fairy lights to create a subtle ambiance. And never be afraid to embrace lots of pattern and texture.

Shop fairy lights at Lights for all Occasions.

We found this design on a Cup of Jo. If you like a more minimalist ’70s vibe, you might love the idea of using large mirrors to create added space. Also, plenty of greenery helps the room feel fresh, and open.


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