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Design Firm Builds Moving Private Island Strictly For The Wealthy

Some people just have too much money. An Austrian design firm that caters to the wealthy has designed a moving island dubbed “Kokomo Ailand,” in hopes to sell it to the super wealthy. While only a concept at this point, the firm hopes that a wealthy benefactor with billions to burn will invest in the concept, and the traveling pleasure island will become a reality.


Kokomo Ailand was designed by mysterious Austrian company Migaloo, which specializes in the design and sale of high-end yachts. The island design, while still a concept posits that it would be about 385 feet long.


Designed like something out of The Jetsons, the Ailand would feature a sun deck, jungle pathway, docking area, and helipad, not to mention the penthouse for the lucky, wealthy owner.


The residence portion of the island features an indoor/outdoor pool with a waterfall. There’s also an observation pool with a glass bottom to explore the undersea depths.

Originally posted 2015-09-29 13:28:40.

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