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Every Man’s Dream: 24 State-of-the-Art Man Caves That Will Blow Your Mind



When buying a new home, most men ensure that the house meets their basic needs while quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, dream of a place to call their own in what’s known as the man cave. From garages and unfinished basements to house additions, man caves offer men a place to hang out with friends to enjoy the big game or to quietly relax after a long day at work. While most man caves feature work benches and a television, we found 24 state of the art man caves that are absolutely perfect from floor to ceiling and offer endless entertainment!


This man cave was designed with football in mind and made sure that every seat in the house offers a great view of the game. From the three televisions on the back walls to the screen on the other, the largest television is not even pictured! From the raised turf flooring to the luxury leather couches, this room is perfect for any Washington Redskins NFL game.


Man caves don’t have to be over the top to be incredible! This room is fairly simple in design as it looks to be a roof off of the main house. A wall featuring three televisions as well as a hanging speaker system ensures that no sporting event will ever be missed! We love the full bar and the true cave-type feel of this space.


A movie lover’s heaven, this stunning man cave is ideal for box office hits both new and old! With theater seating in a multi-level design featuring couches and recliners, the room offers great views of the large television screen with ample storage in wall-to-wall cabinetry below. In true movie theater style, the movie posters and brass floor divider nicely finish off this design.


From football to movie theaters, man caves can take on a variety of designs. Here, we see a classic bar style with a mixed theme of arcade, poker and sports. The basement style design featuring brick walls and columns as well as the hardwood floors give this space an intimate feel.  We especially love the masculinity of the classic poker table and leather frame chairs.


Blake’s Place is a true man cave from floor to ceiling with its L-shaped row of leather recliners and hanging television screens. There’s no doubt that this man cave is the prime place to be for college and NFL football games. From the neon beer signs to the displays of sports memorabilia, Blake’s man cave is top-notch for enjoyment.


While most man caves are designed around football, sports and poker games, some men have other hobbies. This room is dedicated to military memorabilia and features a stunning display of wall-to-wall military weaponry from floor to ceiling. Less focus is placed on comfort in this room simply to save floor space to displace vintage military collectors’ items.


This exquisite man cave celebrates hunting and pool, keeping in tradition with many typical hunter refuges and bars seen around the world. From the trophy mounts hanging on the walls to the horned chandelier over the dining table, this room is truly masculine in design. We love the stone fireplace and leather riveted pool table that bring this design together.


This man cave seems to have a bit of everything when it comes to entertainment and comfort. The theater offers four leather recliners and a large television for watching everything from movies to sporting events. The upper level features a large pool table with easy access to a stone bar area that opens into a kitchen for additional entertaining.


Tropical in theme, this man cave is ideal for men who love the tropical paradise of crystal blue waters and endless fishing. Resembling a grass hut, this tiki-style bar features totem columns, a wood countertop and a bamboo base. An array of liquor is beautifully displayed on the back wall and added décor like the mounted shark add to this tropical man cave.


Modern and edgy, this man cave is the most unique on our list. With a large entertainment area featuring theatre style seating, five televisions ensure that guests can enjoy every angle of the movie or game. For guests who want to keep up with another game or perhaps need a break from the movie, a four-station seating area offers individual screens with personal controls for optimal enjoyment.


Why drive to the bowling alley and rent used shoes when you can have a man cave in your home that offers you’re the enjoyment of bowling and extreme comfort? This man cave features a two-lane bowling alley with hanging screens to monitor your score. U-shaped couches anchor the lanes and offer plenty of room for guests to relax amid friendly competition. With a pool table and bar as well, this man cave has it all!


Many of the personal theaters that we’ve seen on this list are exquisite but do not offer much seating. This man cave was designed with large parties in mind because it offers a variety of leather couches and chairs to ensure that every guest can relax. From the hardwood floors to the true theatre-style bar, we love this simple and elegant room!


Dedicated to sports, this man cave is the ultimate sportsbook visitor’s dream! A leather row of recliners ensures optimal views of multiple television screens. Memorabilia hanging on the walls and behind the bar only add to this remarkable collection. But, our favorite piece, is the score ticker located just above the wall of televisions!


The first man cave on our list dedicated to music, this room is a musician’s dream. With state of the art recording equipment, this room is a true creative space offering hours of opportunity for jam sessions and songwriting. With walls of hanging guitars and multiple amps, we can only image the artistry produced in this space.


Lined with arcades, this man cave is truly a “Vintage Vault.” Whether you are an arcade enthusiast or simply a gamer, this room is absolutely remarkable with its endless selection of traditional and collector arcades. From foosball and pool to Pacman and Eight Ball, this man cave also features a massive wrap around bar and modern seating when guests need a break from the screen!


This man cave is a throwback to the classical 1950s with retro furniture, music and memorabilia! Take a look at the red couch repurposed from the back of a classic car! We love the yellow and white walls contrasted with the vibrant colors as well as the pinball machines that honor legendary musicians.


This is actually a man cave within a man cave, if you can imagine as much! The larger man cave features a gaming area with foosball and pool tables as well as a wall of arcades. When gaming is not on the list, this room within the man cave offers theater style seating and a big screen for movies and sporting events. We love the galley-style of this room that ensures prime viewing for any event!


The first saloon style man cave on our list, this elegant and traditional room offers endless masculine appeal. Grid ceiling with exposed wood beams contrast beautifully against wood floors and paneling. The inset lights and massive chandelier offer ample lighting for the deep wood pool table and shuffleboard table. Traditional and stunning, this man cave is remarkable!


Another saloon style room, this man cave is perfect for the whiskey connoisseur. Deep red walls are paired with the red pool table and contrasted beautifully against dark wood flooring and décor. A small bar is home to an array of liquors as well as a television screen. It’s easy to imagine men rolling up their shirt sleeves and enjoying a nice glass of bourbon and a cigar over a game of pool after a long day at work.


This multi-purpose man cave offers a variety of entertainment. A large television over the stone fireplace makes for easy enjoyment from the leather sectional couch. Workout equipment on the other side of the room transition this space into a small private gym. Whatever the purpose, we love the hardwood floors and stone work that give this man cave a true masculine feel.


What’s the point of having a full service bar in your man cave when you can have your own beer store? This man cave features everything typically seen in a room with leather couches and big screen televisions. However, the focus of this room – and for good reason – is the walk in fridge that keeps a variety of beer on hand. Who needs to make a beer run with a man cave like this?


Our second retro man cave on the list, this room has been transformed into a full 1950s diner style bar. From the neon lights to the posters on the walls, this room resembles a soda shop of days past. We love the red and white bar flooring as well as the bar stools and yellow vintage truck featured in this room.

Many of the man caves on our list feature memorabilia and arcade-style themes with endless opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment. Perhaps, like this design, you opt more for luxury and elegance. This man cave features beautiful inset lighting, a hide-away television and storage with a long leather couch for guests to enjoy. A wrap around style kitchen and bar area ensures plenty of room for dining and beverages.


The last man cave on our list is actually the first on the list to have a motorcycle and garage theme. Resembling a full-fledge biker bar, this man cave places less emphasis on the television and more on motorcycle collecting with its walls of memorabilia and neon signs. Of course, we can’t leave out the actual motorcycles in the room that seem to be in the ideal spot for this garage style biker bar!

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