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Floor To Ceiling Bookshelves For Penthouse Interior Design

Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves for Penthouse Interior Design – Area Arquitectura Design has done a wonderful penthouse design renovation with floor to ceiling bookshelves in Valencia, Spain. This Renovation of a Bright Penthouse showcases the open living area, which results in the spacious feeling flowing throughout each space. Its interior mainly employs the bright and clean white color, which creates the airy and bright feeling naturally. The furniture also features the same bright colors, except for the TV room where you can see the cozy modern sofa in beautiful peach color.

Walking inside this penthouse, you will be welcomed by the overflowing airy vibe throughout its open living area. On the TV room, the bright peach modern sofa and the floor to ceiling bookshelves diy as part of this penthouse design idea definitely is noticeable. The TV is placed on the wall shelf, which successfully maximizes the available wall space for a subtle storage space. Used to store the books, the shelves successfully provide plenty of color which will bring in instant decor to this room.

Moving to the open kitchen space, you can find the choice of simple white cabinetry to keep this cooking space neat and organized. The same white and simple modern furniture is also seen on the dining set. Our favorite spot on this kitchen corner is the cozy and bright breakfast bar that is fantastically located to maximize the large glass windows. Thus, imagine how warm it is to enjoy the delightful breakfast to start up the day while absorbing the warmth from morning light.

However, you can find not only the bright peach color splash on the TV room as well as the colors provided by the books and other items stored on the wall shelves. There is also stunning weathered wooden surface to bring in more accent to this modern living space. This rusted surface as part of this penthouse interior design idea can be found easily on the kitchen space as well as floor to ceiling bookshelves with ladder and the breakfast bar.

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