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Foldable Solar-Powered Geodesic DOM(E) Home Can Be Erected Anywhere

Imagine if you could pack your own Geodesic Dome, pop it up anywhere in the world and feel safe, sheltered and warm? Well, that dream could become reality if NRJA's design for a prefabricated, off-grid DOM(E) hits the market. The 120 square meter home a

The DOM(E) is an appropriate off-grid home for locations as far afield as the Namibian desert and Siberia since the unique construction and insulation provides a comfortable interior climate regardless of outdoor temperatures. Entirely self-sufficient, it has a small solar rooftop system on the house that heats hot water and a rainwater capture system.

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The dome-shape allows for plenty of natural ventilation, plus the design calls for daily supplies of fresh air to enter four points within the structure, which is connected to an underground duct system. This provides both heating cooling in summer and winter, and stale air is channeled out of the tiny home. The interior is lined with birch plywood, giving the cozy abode a lovely, crisp finish.

Originally posted 2015-09-20 10:15:15.

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