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Furniture Facelift

Furniture facelift

Furniture facelift

1. Furniture facelift – Begin by removing the seat pad from the chair. Sometimes the pads are held in place with screws, but they may simply lift up and out. Place the chair frame on a dust sheet, then sand it with glass paper and a sanding block. Wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt.

2. Paint the frame with a coat or two of chalk paint and leave to dry. Lightly distress the frame with a little glass paper for a shabby chic look. Finish with a coat of Annie Sloan wax, applied with a soft cloth.

3. Lay the foam down on a flat surface. Place the seat pad down directly on top of it. Use a marker pen to draw around the seat pad onto the foam beneath, then remove the seat pad. Use scissors to trim around the drawn lines, cutting approximately 5mm inside them so that the foam is slightly smaller than the original seat pad.

4. Turn the chair over so that you can work on the underside. Take a length of grosgrain ribbon and fold one end under by 1cm, then tack it to the underside of the back of the chair frame using four small upholstery tacks. Ensure all the ribbon ends are turned under before tacking for a neat finish. This first ribbon should run from the underside of the back of the frame, then up on to the seat top, towards the front of the seat. It should then run underneath the front of the frame.

5. Stand the chair upright, facing towards you. Bring the ribbon up onto the chair seat (over the seat top) then wind it underneath the front of the chair to the back and then up alongside the first ribbon. The ribbons should always sit neatly side by side and sit flat. Secure underneath the frame with an upholstery tack, then slide the foam pad into place.

6. Continue to weave the ribbon from the back to the front until the seat pad is covered. Trim the ribbon, leaving 2cm extra. Fold the end of the ribbon under and then secure it out of sight using four tacks on the underside of the chair frame.

7. Next, start to weave the second ribbon across the chair seat from one side to the other. Begin by tacking the end of each ribbon underneath the frame as before, turning the ribbon end underneath for a neat finish. Cut each ribbon so that it’s long enough to weave across the seat pad and back, going underneath the chair frame, with a little extra to turn underneath before securing with upholstery tacks.

8. Continue weaving individual ribbons across the chair alternating the over/under pattern as you weave towards the front of the seat. Gently ease the ribbons closely together as you work to ensure a tight weave with no gaps.

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