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Garage Door For Minimalist Duplex Concrete Building

Garage Door for Minimalist Duplex Concrete Building – Emilio Eftychis, a well-known designer from Turkey is finally publishing his latest design called The Lotheringen House that is applied with garage door. Built in the middle of suburban area, this building is totally enchanting since it has green lawn that surrounding its main building.

Now, I want to show you some enchanting pictures of this duplex building that is built by applying concrete material as main exterior design. Indeed, this building is called as raw building since Raw Materials Exterior is the main material for design exterior design of this building such as garage door styles. With raw design, this building is also looked so classy since glass panels are installed as additional wall at both floor plans of this building. Moreover, green lawn that is planted surrounding this building is really showing enchanting nuance for living space in suburban area. With perforated wall decoration for exterior design, raw outlook is just clearly embossed at this building.

Different from other suburban houses, this building has outdoor pool at the middle of the compartments. With hardwood material applied as main floor, this outdoor floor is merely a Jacuzzi that is usually built on indoor room. Since this duplex building is applied by raw style for exterior design, indeed, interior part of this building is designed by pounded wall design. Combination of pounded wall and glass panels at this outdoor pool are really making this building is the most enchanting place in suburban area in Turkey.

Indeed, interior furniture that is applied as main interior decoration of this building is also so classy. Considering exterior design of this building is applied by raw design, interior furniture is designed by applying modern furniture. In addition, sparkling ceiling lamp and ornamental LED lamps are really suitable to raw materials style that is applied as main decoration like the garage door screen for this duplex building in suburban area.

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3 Photos of the "Garage Door For Minimalist Duplex Concrete Building"

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