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Glass Shower Door In Bathroom Interior Of Contemporary Mansion

Glass Shower Door in Bathroom Interior of Contemporary Mansion – Breust Residence that is designed by applying glass shower door for interior decoration is totally adorable. Its interior decoration is so perfect whether almost all compartments is looked so perforated designed by JUO, Australian studio. In fact, this perforated impression is emerged since square interior design is applied for main interior room design of this duplex mansion. In addition, since duplex mansion is applied as main floor plan, this mansion becomes so adorable for its interior decoration.

Here, I want to show you some adorable pictures of this duplex mansion. Using concrete material and glass material as main glass shower door design, this mansion is totally incredible. Moreover, glass panels as exterior wall are embossing blue nuance of outdoor pool that is built at the backyard of this mansion. Indeed square living room is not applied for other rooms such as kitchen and dining room. Thus, minimalist furniture, such as suede sofa and pattern cushions along its glass table is looked so compact in large compartment of living room. Marble floor that is installed as main interior floor of this mansion is also looked so suitable along minimalist furniture of this duplex mansion.

As a duplex mansion, using wooden material for drifting ceiling plan is really classy. Whether this mansion is applied by square design for exterior design, this drifting ceiling just made this mansion is looked perfect. Moreover, black color of stairs plan of this mansion is looked as perfect as interior design of this mansion. Added by cylinder small iron as stairs’ balustrade, this place is totally perfect along its minimalist furniture for main design of interior decoration. With glass panels are installed as main interior wall, outdoor furniture of this mansion becomes additional decoration for exterior.

For square compartment, hanging round metallic lamps are the most suitable lamp installation. This kind of lamp installation is really embossing classy nuance for interior decoration of a duplex mansion. Moreover, contemporary design with minimalist furniture is really emerging inspiring glass shower door swing for a duplex mansion.

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