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Guy Builds Epic £11.5 Million Bunker Which Can Withstand 20-Kiloton Explosion

Have you ever seen the 2002 Jodie Foster classic Panic Room? Of course you have, it’s a classic. Anyway, getting back on topic – a lot of people would love a safe place in their home just in case there was a zombie apocalypse, nuclear explosion or brutal home invasion.

It just makes sense really.

Well one man has made all this a reality with £11.57 million bunker property. Capable of withstanding a 20-kiloton explosion; this bunker is also capable of surviving other potential threats, including natural disasters, civil disturbances and terrorist attacks. Very Jodie Foster-esque if you ask me…


Let me give you a run down of the specific features. Built in 1969 and renovated in 2012, the shelter (situated near Savannah in Georgia) features 3ft-thick walls, air intake systems, a nurse’s room, decontamination showers and a £67,500 CCTV system. Ok, it’s slightly better than Jodie’s panic room…

Chris Salamone, co-owner of Bastion Holdings, a training company for government and security personnel, said:

“This property offers the ultimate safe haven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort. Renovations include amenities that rival any five-star hotel, except located 45 feet underground, impenetrable and undetectable.”


Just the sort of location you’d want to spend your five-star break, cheers Chris.

Split over two floors, level one features a communal area, as well as a staff quarters (if your house costs £11.57 million, you’re going to have a few servants to feed you grapes while the bombs drop). Level two however is far more luxurious; think four stunning apartments, each with a kitchen, dining area, two bedrooms, a living room and bathroom. Bosh.

So who’d want to buy a place like this? Well the property is being advertised as a potential corporate retreat, to secure gold or other valuables, as a training facility – or just the ultimate private home. Can you imagine being able to invite friends round to your million pound bunker and party like it’s 1999? I know you can.

Basically this place is the absolute shit, and I’m asking my boss for a pay rise right now.

Originally posted 2015-12-05 21:30:37.

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