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High Back Dining Chairs In Mountain Residence Interior Design

High Back Dining Chairs in Mountain Residence Interior Design – This mountain residence with high back dining chairs that looks like a fortress is Casa El Viento located in Madrid, Spain. Otto Medem Arquitectura designed this mountain living space in unique design exposing the contemporary flair. The residence exterior looks bright in white paint color. This white color fits well with the green vegetation that surrounds the living space. The rocky mountain adds the uniqueness of the mountain landscape as this home location. The home design really defines the modernistic concept in this living space style. The residence is adjusted with the landscape by setting the concrete outdoor staircase that is also used as the pathway.

Wooden elements give the earth color sense among the white colored exterior wall. The wood is used as the door that is designed in simple look and style. Glass is also used as the windows materials. The windows are placed in the upper floor in rectangular shapes. This mountain residence design is always great with the contemporary look both for the home indoor such as the modern high back dining chairs and the outdoor. The beautiful exterior feature is also displayed by the modern swimming pool with wooden benches in modern design set besides the pool area.

The sleek windows with glass and framed with thin wooden frames look chic on the rocky landscape. This windows design looks beautiful to be seen from outside. Recessed lighting is set as the interior and exterior lighting. The decoration style employed in this room is contemporary interior decoration. The monochromatic color looks perfect to add the brightness in this interior design.

Bold color is presented by the color of the lounge set in the corner of the room. This lounge is placed right in front of the fireplace that is also in black color. The wooden flooring fits well with this black and white interior color. Mountain residence appearance in this home is so stylish because the white high back dining chairs defining the modernistic residence look.

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