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How To Choose Ceramic Tile Flooring

How To Choose Ceramic Tile Flooring

How to choose ceramic tile flooring – With so many ceramic tile options, the secret to specification is in knowing the performance properties of tile. Selecting the perfect tile for the job not only minimizes installation costs but also provides the broadest possible finish options.

There are four main types of tile:

High Absorption: Ideal for interior walls or vertical areas that are dry or occasionally wet. Low firing temperatures deliver a variety of texture and color choices. >7% water absorption.

Moderate Absorption: Usually interior floor tiles used in dry areas only. The lower the moisture percentage, the more foot traffic they can withstand. 3% to 7% water absorption.

Low Absorption: Can be used in interior or exterior spaces, and subjected to occasional moisture or water penetration. Suitable for bathrooms. 3% to 0.5% water absorption.

Extremely Low Absorption: Known as porcelain, this is generally floor tile for interior or exterior spaces, for use under water as well as heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic. <0.5% water absorption.

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Originally posted 2015-02-03 09:08:46.

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