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How To Decorate With Zebra Rugs

How to decorate with zebra rugs

1 How to decorate with zebra rugs – Work out roughly how big you would like your rug to be, and cut off a length of zebra fabric to slightly larger than that size in both width and length. Fold the zebra fabric in half widthways with right sides facing, and pin.

2 Download and print the Zebra Rug Guide from www.yourhomemagazine.co.uk or send a stamped SAE to Your Home February Zebra Rug Guide, HBM UK, The Tower, Phoenix Square, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9HU. Using the guide as a reference, sketch the shape of one half of the rug out onto the fabric, working out from the fold line.

3 Once you’re happy with the shape you’ve drawn, cut it out, keeping it pinned together. Once cut, unfold and press flat. You can now make any alterations to the shape of the rug – remember to fold it in half again before making any further cuts to ensure it stays symmetrical.

4 Fold the faux suede fabric in half widthways, with right sides together. Fold your zebra rug in half once again (with right sides together) and place it on top, aligning the two folded edges. Draw and cut the faux suede around the zebra rug, leaving a border of about 1.5” all around. Unfold both fabrics, and press.

5 Place the zebra rug on top of the faux suede rug with wrong sides facing, making sure it sits centrally. Pin together, then use a decorative machine stitch and a brightly coloured thread (we used orange) to sew a single strip down the middle of the work. Keep the layers pinned together.

6 Work a decorative machine stitch all around the edge of the zebra rug, to secure it into place on the faux suede and finish the edges of the fabric. Again, use a bright contrasting colour of thread to make this line stand out.

7 Once the layers are sewn, add decorative hand stitching. Thread an embroidery needle with a length of brightly-coloured embroidery thread (using all six strands) and work a straight stitch around the edge of the zebra fabric, around 2cm in from the machine stitching.

8 Finally, make a tassel tail. Cut a 10cm x 15cm rectangle of cardboard, and wrap lengths of cream and orange yarn around it several times – the more you wrap it, the bushier your tassel will be. Thread a strand of thread underneath the wrapped yarn and pull it tight into a knot, to hold the yarn together. Trim the wrapped yarn from the cardboard, cutting along the bottom edge. Wrap a final length of yarn around the strands and tie in a knot to gather it together once more. Stitch this tassel to the edge of the rug’s tail to finish.

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