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Interior Design Kid Bedroom

Interior Design Kids Bedroom

Interior Design Kid Bedroom

Interior Design Kid Bedroom – The interior of a child’s bedroom can be adapted to the child’s personality. For the required accuracy and creativity of parents in determining the child’s bedroom interior suitable and appropriate for their child’s personality.

Design for interior of a child’s bedroom, we should notice first is the need for the child itself. Here we will make a child’s room design in accordance with the needs of the child. which dimaksudakn children here are children under the age of a dozen years, so it made designs for teenagers.
In designing the interior of a child’s bedroom, you certainly must Noting what needs to be there in your child Kamara. And you also have to consider the condition of the room as well, such as the condition of the floor, the windows are there, laying bed, learn, play, and other needs for your child.
In addition, preparation of beds, desks, cabinets and objects – objects that become the child also needs to choose and are adapted to the dimensions of the room ruanagn there so it does not seem cramped and force. For color theme bedroom design that can be done at the end sendori workmanship only, so do not slow down other workmanship.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to the interior design and decorating your child’s room in accordance with less levels of age. As waktub running will increase the child’s age and the child will certainly interiors are changed according keprobadian your child as well.
As a reference, parents can choose from examples of the interior of a child’s bedroom interior magazines or websites of the interior that could be found on the internet.

Interior design children’s bedroom ideas

Bedroom Interior Girls

If the child’s room interior design is made for children of women, then you can make a fairly minimalist room design and simple course. It’s just that you would need to add accessories-room accessories for your daughter’s room. You can mnembahkan pictures shades of pink or also you can add pictures oranamen like characters in a fairy tale or a picture of your daughter’s favorite character is.

For bedroom decoration, you can add a small curtains that hung at the top of your child’s bed. You can also add a little light on your child’s bed to sleep lampub beautiful and interesting course For the preparation of your child’s needs as a closet, you can add curved cabinets are nisa placed in your child’s bedside. This curvature can you make as well as a seat or a seat facing the window so as to provide a relaxed feel for your child when sitting in the chair.

Seating is this long, you can decorate with small cushions on the chairs lined with attractive colors and beautiful. This ornament can certainly membrikan good impression for your child and give a comfortable feel that your child is comfortable in her own room.

Ata corner on the ceiling of your child’s room in the DAPT also add accessories that can be lit when the light or dark ruanagn. So that when your children start to sleep or lie down it will look attractive shades on the roof of his room. The base color of your room platfon can be selected in blue or white.

In the interior of a child’s bedroom for women you can add to a curtain that surrounds your child’s bed. This design can select kaqmar dkarena well suited to your child’s bed humiliation of women. This can add to the feel of a very beautiful for your daughter. Curtain or valance will make your child’s bedroom imagine about a princess who often he saw in some fairy tale.

Themes netting can select with one theme, such as mosquito nets in the fairy tale princesses. The selection of a mosquito net was not to be with plain or patterned color plain, netting you can choose the style that is attractive and preferred by our children, of course. The mosquito net can be put on the wall of the room to give the impression that we are unique to children.

Mosquito net that you can use for the interior of your daughter’s room is the bed nets are made from cashmere. Cashmere material is very soft so it will not make your child’s injury or illness when bergoresan with this kelambunya. In addition to soft, cashmere is also an ingredient that can make an impression that is not too heavy for your child’s bedroom interior.

For the selection of furniture for your child, you should select furniture are not too big and also themed neutral. In addition to saving space your child’s room, neutral furniture can last long anyway. DAPT neutral furniture that will be used when your children grow up. So the cost savings on to your child’s room interior as well.

The selection of furniture is also tetpa must be adapted to the age of your child. Such as elections to the bed, to bed young age, you can choose a bed that is not too high. This is so that your child does not fall during sleep. So that your child’s room becomes a safe and comfortable.

Bedroom Interior Boys

Interior bedroom for boys can also be made as a bedroom girls, but the interior is not a fairy tale princess theme but can be a typical cartoon boys like cars and robots.

Beds for boys can be made form a complete car with a door that can be opened if the child is about to go to bed. On the ceiling of the car into a child’s bed can be small lights dim on / offnya can be placed on the inside of the cars that are specially designed.

The bed can also be designed as cars without cover. For example, the shape of the car with the hood open. Children can see the ceiling directly room decorated like a complete blue sky with white clouds and ornate forms of the planets, the sun, moon and stars that will light up the room so the main light is turned off.

Interior wall color to room boys can be white, light blue, or other pastel colors. The walls can also be ornate wallpaper with a child’s favorite cartoon character but still choose a wallpaper that is not too bright and lively.

For the interior room boys, the parents usually give the car theme, because of the small child is happy with toy cars, which is why the theme of the car at room boys are also very popular. But not only do these themes into a craze boy, to another theme please see the picture below.

The rooms are themed cars by applying the concept as a whole, where the trinkets cars are found in this room, even where tidurnyapun has wheels and a design like a car. Quite unique and quite make your child jump for joy if he was rewarded with this beautiful room.

Thus the discussion about the child’s bedroom interior that maybe you can make reference to design for your room. The most important thing that must be considered in designing the interior of a child’s room here is to adjust capacity in this room is spacious and budget your child prepare. Spacious rooms will you make as a bedroom anaka can you match it with the design that fits. Because who are the most important comfort in the interior of the room.

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