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Main Bedroom Interior Style

Main Bedroom Interior Style KadekMain bedroom interior decoration Balinese style

Main Bedroom Interior Style – For a Balinese woman as Kadek, showing everything about Bali is a necessity. Similarly, in determining the design of the house to detail the interior. Ornaments that will immediately remind people to Bali, will not be forgotten. Similarly with Kadek, Balinese woman who really understand how to pamper her with all things smelly Balinese ornaments in his house. It could we notice how the interior of the master bedroom that features his very image of Bali although there is a touch of modernity.

And of course to achieve the image of the Balinese, his business becomes not easy, especially when it comes to the budget. For the sake of finding a Balinese ornaments for example, and it is a rare commodity, would not want to spend more. But when it’s a problem of imaging, the budget is no longer an issue. Of course not merely want to display a certain image when they think about the budget.

Carving Bali

It is true when it entered the realm of art and culture, the material is not everything. Cultural essence of the meaning of existence is more important than money must be spent. Although for those outside Balinese Balinese carving intricate existence is a challenge when it comes to clean, not so for a very loving Kadek carving Bali.

It is not surprising if Kadek specifically designing the main bedroom. This is so that the purpose of displaying the image and impression of Bali increasingly felt. Even if the interior of the main bedroom was inseparable from Balinese carving intricate example, would have been received since the previous draft was actually realized.

Similarly Balinese carvings in the form of furniture and knick-knacks that will be filling the room, for example Kadek has become part of a risk to be borne. However, with the focus to bring the image and feel of Bali in their homes will be easily achieved.

Separate Building

The master bedroom Kadek are not in the main building of his house, but a separate building behind the house. Measuring 5×8 square meter building was given a touch of Bali, both exterior and interior. At first glance, the room like a small type of house building or a small but impressive luxury bangalow. Kadek deliberately made a fairly spacious terrace (3x5m2) where he could frolic with family. Her own bedroom only 5x5m2.

With a bedroom in a separate building, of course, will remind people on the composition of a temple a place of worship, where there is always a parent temples and other smaller buildings. Designing a master bedroom separate from the main building also reinforce the image you want to achieve that is a building bercitra Bali.

It is also increasingly easier for both interior and exterior designing. Only when designing a bedroom separate from the main building as it is, not to impress stand alone. The impression it will appear when the design of the building between the main bedroom separate with the main building too conspicuous difference.


Bali’s culture blends with nature makes Kadek using thatched roofs to her bedroom. The ceiling was made a bit high, 6 feet, so no need to use air conditioning. Made a rather large room doors with automatic aperture so that when the weather is bright wide doors can be opened as wide as possible. However, when the weather is not too supportive, the door can be opened pickup only.

Likewise, with the window. The windows are made of wood which is also made large enough. Kadek can not be in an air-conditioned room for too long. Therefore, a specially designed room for air circulation is always nice and fresh so the bedroom remains comfortable.

With increasing global warming, what Kadek taken as a Balinese woman is, it should serve as an example. That is how to design an environmentally friendly building, remain comfortable even if not using air conditioning. The room remains bright even if not using lights. Nature has provided a variety of things, just how real the man himself utilize and work around in order to really be optimal.

Kadek minds are different from most people’s minds, which is always thinking and practical instances. When will design a room for example, more concerned with the function so that if the room is too dark, just use lighting.

Similarly, if the room was stuffy because the maximum air circulation, quite overcome by conditioning. And with such a mindset, must be prepared to spend the budget for this purpose, including also be prepared with the heat of the air today.

Back to nature campaign is actually not just practicing how to actually utilize natural as possible for positive purposes, but should be accompanied by studying how the ancestors used to be and utilize natural.

Nature is not regarded as an object to be exploited, but a gift that should be kept sustainable and allowed to use in moderation. Kearipan is indeed still in progress, especially in the area of ​​the root of the tradition is still strong, like Bali or Baduy in West Java.


Kadek use the bed is made of teak wood complete with typical Balinese carvings. Not much furniture in the room. Besides the bed, there are three door wardrobe and dressing table are also carved Balinese.

The rooms are equipped with an open bathroom very natural and a small garden complete with flowers and white stones on the right side. For security reasons, the roof can be closed bathroom made when needed. Moreover, when it was raining. However, part of the toilet is not open.
With such a design can imagine how merging with nature without losing modernity. Perhaps this is also to be achieved Kadek when designing the master bedroom complete with all the trinkets and supporting furniture.

The Wall

Kadek use some ornaments of wood as a material of her bedroom wall. The prime quality teak wood deliberately ordered specifically to make his dream bedroom. Thus, the nature of the cool wood makes the bed room is always cool.

As an air freshener, Kadek not use artificial air freshener factory. Every two days, this energetic woman to replace the air freshener made of various kinds of flowers and pandanus so the fragrance of her bedroom is maintained.

Kadek is clever enough to anticipate everything without having to depend on things that instant. By itself besides being able to create a space that is comfortable, cool and fragrant, but at the same time does not leave the exiles are not environmentally friendly at the same time does not further aggravate the state of the environment is so damaged it. A wise move what this Kadek.

Ornaments Ornament

Kadek is not too much decorate his bedroom. There is only one painting of flowers, lotus flower-shaped wall clock made of natural materials, and glass walls.

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