Home Petite Home

In the Pacific Northwest, people with nowhere else to go are forming micro-communities with communal kitchens and toilets but teeny, individual sleeping units. Could tiny homes, once the provenance of design blogs, help curb homelessness nationwide? A steady rain beat down outside, but in the small, cluttered stand-alone structure that serves as the administrative office… read more »

Helen Maslin’s Top 10 Literary Castles And Country Houses

From Brideshead to Hogwarts, Northanger Abbey to Manderley, Helen Maslin picks the most evocative fictional castles and manors Charles Ryder, played by Jeremy Irons, sketching the sumptous Brideshead in the TV series of the Evelyn Waugh’s classic. Photograph: ITV / Rex Features I’ve always loved evocative old castles, abbeys and manors in books. Especially when… read more »

43 Jaw-Dropping Interior Design Ideas To Take You One Step Closer To Your Dream House

There comes a time in every person’s life when a house or a room needs to be renovated. And anyone who’s ever been in that position can tell you one thing: it’s not a walk in the park. These home improvement ideas will give you inspiration for your future renovation projects — from simple additions to sweeping changes, we’ve… read more »