This Clay Brick Disperses Heat To Keep Buildings Cool

With the goal of harnessing and exploring the benefits of clay as a raw material, which is characteristic of Colombia’s Cúcuta region, Architects Miguel Niño and Johanna Navarro created Sumart Diseño y Arquitectura SAS, a studio that designs and develops sustainable architectural solutions. One of their most successful projects is the Bloque Termodisipador BT, a ceramic block… read more »

25 Ingenious Ways To Decorate Your Home Which Won’t Cost You Anything At All

Giving your home a makeover is usually thought of as a rather expensive pleasure. But it’s often difficult to spare the funds, and for many people who rent their homes rather than own them, it can seem like a waste of money. But the problem is that from time to time, we all need renewal at home to help us renew ourselves. To help you out, here are 25 ingenious ways to transform… read more »