Gorgeous Pond House Is A Zero-energy ‘dream House’ Retreat In Louisiana

Architect Michael Holly recently completed the Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm, an exquisite zero-energy retreat that combines energy-efficient architecture with intelligent landscape design. Located in southeast Louisiana, the contemporary 1,250-square-foot Pond House retreat is more than just an eco-friendly dream home—the building is an active learning tool equipped with building performance monitors so that… read more »

Incredible Eco-friendly Mansion Is Hidden Entirely Underground

Don’t be fooled by the garden—beneath this manicured lawn lies a stunning, luxurious subterranean mansion with strong eco-credentials. Designed by architect James Bell, the underground two-story home, called Perdu, sits beneath the grounds of Bowdon in Manchester. The two-story circular home is bathed in a surprising amount of natural light and is nearly net-zero energy… read more »