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Pendant Lamp In Rectangular Concrete Interior Building

Pendant Lamp in Rectangular Concrete Interior Building – Sometimes, people always argue about choosing rectangular concrete or other material for exterior wall design with pendant lamp. However, as a modern house, Studio MK27 is designing a square mansion called Casa Cubo by applying concrete material as material for exterior wall. Actually, concrete material is also applied for interior design, but exterior wall of this mansion is not painted even polishes. Thus, exterior design of this mansion is looked so captivating along with its natural nuance embossed by outdoor pool and subtropical plants.

With concrete material applied as main material for exterior design, this kind of material is actually making exterior design of a mansion becomes so adjustable. Indeed, if square mansion is usually applied by aluminum pillar for main pillars at the open terrace, concrete pillars are indeed making design of open terrace becomes so captivating. Surrounded by subtropical plants just made this mansion becomes the most versatile place in urban area. For an open terrace, white shelves that are installed covering wall design of this mansion are looked so classy along its modern furniture. Hence, decoration such as for this pendant lamp living room is the most captivating place on earth.

Moreover, rustic carpet that is applied as main wall ornaments are perfectly covering this concrete floor plans of this mansion. With red color of this rustic carpet, modern furniture, such as silk sofa and round plaited table are looked so inspiring. Dominated by white color for interior design of this mansion, rustic carpet and modern furniture at the open terrace are so classy. Since this mansion is built by applying duplex floor plan, open triangle stairs are looked as compact as stairs design of this mansion. Grey color of which is also perfectly making this mansion is looked so incredible.

Floor plan of this mansion is also so captivating since its ceramic design is looked so captivating by applying geometrical design. Geometrical floor plan that is applied as main design for floor plan of this mansion is also making this mansion is different from other mansion. Hence, for a pendant lamp bedroom, soft color, such as grey and white are so perfect with modern furniture for main interior decoration.

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