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Simple Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Simple Kitchen Interior Designing Tips

Simple Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – If on one of the articles on the site Anne Ahira is never discussed “Decorating Small Houses” which can be accessed on the link, which covers the entire space in the home setting that is not too broad. So in this review, let’s focus on one room in the house alone, namely the kitchen. The interior is simple kitchen can be one solution to a narrow kitchen space. But, still not forgetting aesthetics. So, still feels comfortable and certainly not out of its basic functions.

Small kitchen would be a scourge for homeowners or apartment dwellers. In fact, some of the houses and apartments have a kitchen with limited space. Fortunately, for those who live in their own homes can be freely renovate their kitchen to look bigger and wider.

Renovating a kitchen with a small space does not sound easy. Therefore, there are some things that require special attention, ranging from layout, devices, and color. Let’s find out how to evoke a feeling of comfort in a small kitchen.

Simple kitchen interior can be designed to house minimalist look neat and feels slick. Narrow kitchen space does not mean tolerate dirty and squalid conditions as well as the placement of cooking equipment and kitchen furniture is falling apart. In a minimalist house with limited space, we can make the kitchen into two functions, that is not just a place to cook, but also a dining room.

Sometimes, the dining room can become a family room. Because when eating together, the family gathered in the same room. To achieve these two functions, you can put a dining table and chairs in the room that becomes one with the kitchen. Kitchen Interior Designing Tips Simple
In creating a simple kitchen interiors, there are three important areas that need to be considered, namely storage, lighting, and furniture. Here are tips for designing a kitchen interior simple, yet modern.

Is the kitchen needs to be built with the door? If you want to make the kitchen seem relieved, it is better not to use the door and widen a doorway. In addition, it can also enlarge the window and make it higher. Thus, access to the light coming from the outside will be easier to get. You also can consider to elevate the kitchen ceiling.

Bright colors not only can be used on walls or ceilings. However, it can also be used on materials to decorate the other. Never install ceramic tiles on walls or floors because it can give bad effect.

Look for furniture and kitchen equipment with adequate consideration, can the concept of small thinking. Accuracy in choosing can help create more space.

The kitchen should be well ventilated, so that the air circulation running smoothly. One trick to overcome this is to put the kitchen at the rear edge of the house.

In addition to ventilation, lighting was important. For the sake of saving lighting of electric light, you can use sunlight directly to make a window in the wall outside the kitchen.

Place the dish rack not far from the kitchen sink or sink. You can separate the plates were wet with dry, without having to use two kinds of dish rack. Just give partitions or dividers in the dish rack. For example, by placing cutlery wet on the bottom and dried on the side of it.
Still related to air circulation, so that exhaust fumes while cooking was packed the whole room, use exhaust. You can install this exhaust around the stove, is more effective if the right on it.

To make it easier to clean the dirt on the floor of the kitchen, the kitchen floor should be made higher than in the surrounding rooms.

If it turns out you decide to keep separate the kitchen and dining room, then use a small table in the kitchen as a place to temporarily put the new food is finished cooking.

Match the color of the kitchen or kitchen set with a kitchen wall color to appear harmonious.

Movement path while cooking also need to be considered. If passing a narrow, certainly uncomfortable. Therefore, the kitchen area is also allocated to the movement path while cooking.

In the daily cooking activities, should not be put out kitchen appliances are scattered everywhere. Try to optimize the kitchen or kitchen set as a storage area.

When designing a kitchen, consider the location of the power outlet to use kitchen appliances that require electricity such as a blender, refrigerator, or a refrigerator and microwave.

Adjust the use of the kitchen or kitchen set with kitchen area and shape.

Make it the center of your kitchen to be useful. The trick is to create a kind of island in the center of the kitchen that can provide storage that can be accessed conveniently from any corner of the kitchen.

Show off your pots and pans. Although it was also advised not to put kitchen utensils everywhere, it is still optimizing the kitchen because showcase not mean to put it in vain. But, hanging your pots and pans on rack pan. This is a perfect way to make room for storage cupboard cutlery and crockery. Of course this also adds to the charm and character of your small kitchen design.

You can also use as a galley kitchen design, namely cabinets furniture and kitchen appliances that are lined on both sides of the corridor. It is very effective for a small kitchen.

Create an illusion or trick of the eye with lighting that feels there is more room. This can be done with cabinets that have lighting. Use the appropriate type of lighting will produce a kitchen that looks wider and satisfying.

Storage area is very important. Posting counter deeper, so that it can accommodate more kitchen equipment and improve the workspace.
Trick of the eye to be able to expand the kitchen can also be done by installing floor tiles diagonally.

Make a meal in the kitchen corner. One way is by using a small table with two small chairs placed in a corner of the kitchen.

Sometimes, less is more. Then use the open shelves, where you can display cutlery and kitchen utensils you. Kitchen Design
There are many rangcangan kitchen that is worth trying. But, if you have special attention to implementing a simple kitchen interior design, then you can make a few changes in some well-known design. Currently, the design of the kitchen is divided into two categories, namely modern and casual.
Here are some kitchen design that needs to be known.

Contemporary, this concept combines Danish and Scandinavian style. Contemporary concept is suitable for small or medium sized kitchen. Therefore, this concept includes the concept of a modern kitchen. Thus, there are several modern kitchen appliances to decorate the room.

Agriculture, this concept using a kitchen design that allows for a casual and rustic atmosphere reminisce. Typically, this design uses the concept pedasaan with classic kitchen tool. Although looks old, but many people menyikai this concept.

Countryside, this concept can be considered in the design of the casual kitchen, but has a different concept with kitchen rural agricultural implement. The concept of rural uses a simple concept based on motifs.

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