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Small Shipping Container House Interior Will Blow Your Mind

We have featured small houses that are made from many things, including traditional bricks and mortar, wood grain silos, warehouses and now we have one in the form of a shipping container house.


Shipping containers do make a great home if you don’t need plenty of room. One shipping container has been designed by a firm of architects in Costa Rica and they show that you can pack great things into small spaces.


The design of the shipping container house really makes the most of the small space and it offers a home that is roomy along with being cozy, thanks to many ingenious space saving ideas.


The home can sleep up to four people and it is made available as a rental located in a superb vacation destination. There is plenty of space for holding a party or dinner on the rooftop terrace which is decked out in wood and which can be accessed by a ladder on the side of the home.


The inside of the shipping container house has been decorated in earthy tones that are warm and comes with lots of cabinet space along with LED lighting that is recessed. It features a sliding glass door that opens out onto a deck, the same applying to the door on the shower.


The kitchen features a stove with two burners along with small refrigerator and a microwave that has been fitted into the cabinets above the sink. Just outside the kitchen is a clever dining table that seats four, which is perfect for dining or working.


The beds are just off the left of the kitchen with each bed having its own window to brighten up the small space, along with recessed lights above. There is also a bed hidden away in the wall during the day for guests.


When the shipping container house is vacant the whole front of the house is covered up thanks to the roof which hangs above the deck being able to fold down.





Originally posted 2015-11-29 14:36:52.

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