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This Architect’s Home Is Less Than 200 Sq Ft, But It Has Everything Her Family Needs

Macy Miller was only 5 when she started saving for her first home — an outdoor fort where she could spend time with her dog during rainy days. However, her dream of the fort never turned into reality, though with consistent ambition and the execution of the creative thinking she fostered as a child, she finally created her very first self-made, self-designed home.

As a student of architecture, Miller had the desire to try and work with something outside of “real world experience.” She truly wished she could literally craft and construct a home of imagination, a home where she can personally connect with and understand every inch of. Finally one day in November, Miller decided that it was time to make her dream come alive by starting her very own DYI home building and designing project! Knowing in her gut that this would most certainly change her life, she began her adventure hoping that things will turn out as planned.

A year and a half later, Miller’s dream home started to take shape and she had her first inaugural shower in November of 2013! Miller Mission complete!

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The home is practically and intelligently built on a trailer bed to allow for mobility, where it can be strapped to a tow truck should she decide to move! The little pad even has a small back porch in order to make this little space feels more like a house. There are these simple pleasures Miller enjoys, like smelling the fresh apple aromas from the nearby apple tree.

“Add in the patio lights and a little fading sunlight, me curled up in the chair on the patio with a book/sketchpad/journal/staring into space and you have one of my most favorite zen moments,” she wrote.

When she designed the 196-square-foot space, Miller didn’t rely on traditional ideas of what is and isn’t necessary to live in a tiny home, instead, Miller started questioning her personal needs. What were the spaces she needed to feel like home? What were the things she could and couldn’t do without?

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It came down to her needing a cozy, comfortable place to sit and work and an oven in order for her to enjoy her baking hobby. In addition, she thought it was more practical and thrifty idea to have a midline washer/dryer in the vicinity, which she conveniently found on Craigslist.
Miller was very handy when she designed her little home; she chose to use her own handmade light cones for her kitchen area as well as some of her brothers ideas which they created when they took a glassblowing class together.
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In her bedroom at the other end of the loft, Miller stored clothes and additional household needs in the cabinetry underneath or into the back of the shelves. In addition,  she specifically went for the stairs rather than a ladder design to allow Denver, her Great Dane dog, to be able to easily walk up and down the bed.
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Incorporating real-world standards, all electrical work,  plumbing were tested, approved by professionals and met all legal housing requirements for Boise, Idaho.

And the topping on the cake is, Miller’s creativity and thrifty recycling creations along with the support of some sponsors made it possible for this project to cost, in total, a little under $11,500!!!

In August 2014, Miller said that sitting in the living room watching rain drip from the windows was as one of her favorite things about her house.

“It turns out it is a pretty awesome feeling to have built yourself a weather-proof shelter! … I love sitting on the couch and watching the rain drip off the window flashing, the way it should.  It’s a detail I would never have cared about had I not put the flashing there myself,” she noted.

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The project drew the attention of many designers and architects and home and living enthusiasts, including a man who was soon to fall in love and marry Miss Miller.
In August 2013, three months before the house was complete, she announced that she would soon be a mom and started researching ways to build a co-sleeper and baby-proof her little home.

Miller said people warned of her change of heart as soon as she becomes a mother. “By the time she’s 8 months pregnant she’ll be living in a hotel, she won’t even fit in the kitchen anymore, let alone after the kid is born, this will NEVER work,” they insisted.

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