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This Man’s Home Has An Underground Secret That Will Sicken You With Jealously!

We can all dream, right?

What’s life without a little ambition. My house WILL look like this one day.

Steve Fisher is a local resident of Singapore and his home has an underground secret that rivals all other luxurious homes.

He has one of the most gorgeous homes we have ever seen. His home is a massive 5,800 square feet, it is undeniably stunning and features 3 bedrooms,  3 bathrooms with an incredible salt-water outdoor pool overlooking the ocean.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 14.42.30

As if that wasn’t enough, he has miniature islands around the pool, one of which features two palm trees already growing some delicious coconuts!

But the house has a huge secret and you won’t believe it when you find out what it is, but it will make you green with envy!

All I need is a small lotto win, who am I kidding? Maybe a very large one.

Under the house a room unlike any other in the world.

Trust us you don’t want to miss this. Wait till he shows you the most expensive room in the house.


Originally posted 2015-09-21 11:36:38.

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