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Tips For Starting A Home Garden

Tips For Starting A Home Garden

Tips For Starting A Home Garden

COVER PLANTER WITH ARTIFICIALTURFTips For Starting A Home Garden – Do you live in an apartment that has a planter in your bakony? Cover that planter up for instant extra floor area and also prevent any accidents where people fall into the planters. Laying over the planter and entire balcony wfth a single material like artific al turf creates clean lines and a sleek and spacious look to set the tone for a luscious garden feel. Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance, is durable and sale for kkls and pets, making it a great choice for balconies and outdoor gardens. Once the flooring Is settled, you can simply get your favourite plants from a plant nursery. Group plants in various containers to create an eclectic plant corner.


YOUR PRIVATE SPICE GARDEN ON THE WALLHave you always wanted your own spice garden but don’t have green fingers? Do you think that your balcony Is too small to plant anything useful? Or pertiaps you travel most of the week and are only home during the weekends. Instead of buying herbs from the supermarket and then feel guilty when you throw the un-used herbs away, why not plant them rght at home? Meet the Smart Gardener, a revolutionary planter system that makes urban farming a reality. The Smart Gardener comes wIth a water indicator that allows you to water the plants every few days, only when the water level is low. This Is a boon for the lazy gardener in all of us. With the Smart Gardener, you can reap the beneftts of vertical gardening to provide wholesome home-grown goodness for your familys health.

3. Artificial Vertical Green Wall

Artificial Vertical Green WallVertical green walls make a lot of sense in urban space-staneed Singapore. Especially in balcony gardens where space is limited, green walls are a preferable way to green the garden as they do not take up any floor space. An artificial green wall provides that oasis of calm and beauty without needing any watenng. fertilizing or pruning. Difficult to-reach areas like high walls, air-wells, balcony walls and stairway walls are great areas for artificial green walls as no maintenance Is required on them. Another idea Is to create feature walls in your lMng room using artificial plant& There are many green wall designs you can choose from to create the mood you want.

4. Putting Green garden

Putting Green gardenThis Is for those days when you cannot afford time to get to the greens but need your golf fix. Install a putting green in your bakony, patio or driveway and improve your short game In no time. Using different types of artificial turf mimics a real putting green and sculpting gentle breaks on the putting green injects challenges and engages the golfer.


DIY GOODNESSFor those of you not bg on DIY these Do-It yourself (DIY) composite wood and artiñclal grass tiles may just chanqe your mInds. They are easy to assemble and make great money-sense If the area that you want to install on Is small.
Somehow, flooring made of wood or art ificial turf gives a garden feel much better than cold hard tiles. Once the flooring is done, you can create your garden much more seamlessly.

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