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Wall Art Decals For Wall Design Of Modern Urban Apartment

Wall Art Decals for Wall Design of Modern Urban Apartment – Paulo Coelho who designs modern apartment in Span called Pixers finally releases his wall art decals in public. His design for wall decoration is actually by applying wall stickers or usually called wallpapers. However, some design of him is sometimes made by applying mural styles. Thus, a concrete wall is drawn to be like a town’s landscape and many more.

Now, I want to show you some vivacious pictures of this wall ornaments that are applied as main interior wall decoration. This wall decoration is indeed applied for almost all of compartments of this modern apartment. Choosing white and black color as main color for these wall art decals design are really making interior design in this modern apartment is so vivacious. Modern furniture at the living room, bedroom or even family room is so suitable to be applied by these artistic wall stickers. Modern furniture that is applied as main interior furniture is indeed embracing classy nuance for interior design with this modern apartment.

With wall stickers for main wall decoration, you can also capture real object at some famous places in Spain. Thus, you room is looked wider since it is seemed that the 3D wall stickers are so real attached on a concrete interior wall. In addition, ornamental ceiling lamps that are used as main interior lamp are looked so adorable to be placed on a room that its interior wall is attached by wall stickers. With glass windows in aluminum frame, wall stickers are indeed looked more vivacious rather than using other wall decoration.

For some people, attaching wall stickers may cause original material of interior wall is damaged. However, these wall stickers are so different since it is replaceable so that main material of interior wall will not get any damage. Hence, for main interior wall decoration, this wall art decals quotes or wall stickers can be an alternative way to design interior decoration of a modern apartment.

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