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White Sofas For Contemporary Residence Interior Furniture

White Sofas for Contemporary Residence Interior Furniture – Talking about interior design of Klemper Residence, contemporary interior of white sofas can be so deluxe if minimalist furniture is applied on a concrete interior wall design. Indeed, minimalist furniture is usually applied on interior design that is designed by wooden material for main interior wall. However, if it is applied on a concrete material for interior wall, interior design of which is looked more deluxe.

Now, let’s take a look at some deluxe pictures of this duplex residence that is designed by Jonathan Miller. Minimalist furniture for main interior furniture is really applied so well on an interior design of an urban residence which its interior wall is made from concrete material. In living room, authentic rug that is applied to cover marble floor is really suitable to be applied as main floor ornaments. With minimalist design for interior furniture, indeed, minimalist furniture of this duplex residence is looked so classy. Hence, for an urban residence, applying interior contemporary wall is really compact to minimalist furniture such as the white sofas living room for interior design.

With minimalist furniture, actually, interior design of a duplex residence is looked so adorable along its natural nuance of concrete interior wall. Some ornamental wall ornaments that are perfectly placed along abstract paintings make this duplex residence really have deluxe interior design. In addition, ceiling pendant lamps that are installed at some compartments is really making interior design of this house is looked so sparkling. Pendant lamps with ornamental decor are also looked so incredible since its design is really compact to interior design of this duplex residence.

Indeed, concrete material that is applied as main exterior wall, too is also making this duplex residence is more deluxe. With similar combination of concrete wall for both interior and exterior wall, this duplex residence is totally awesome as living space. Thus, living in an urban area will not be so boring if black and white sofas are applied as main interior design for a duplex residence.

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