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Wooden Floor As Tile Design In Chalet Plan For Interior And Exterior

Wooden Floor as Tile Design in Chalet Plan for Interior and Exterior – The Mineral Lodge that is built by applying chalet plan with wooden floor is actually considered as the most dazzling living space. As modern lodge, chalet design is applied since modern lodge will be looked more natural and classy. Hence, main material that is applied to design this modern lodge is wooden material, granite stone and other natural materials.

Now, I want to show you some dazzling pictures of this modern lodge that is built in Praya by Pedrico Rodreguez. Considering this modern lodge that is applied by chalet design, it must be looked merely like wooden floor wall. Thus, wooden material that is applied to cover outdoor balcony is combined by glass material for outdoor railing. This exterior part is indeed so classy since granite stone is used as main material for exterior wall. With triangle rooftop plan, plafond ceiling for exterior ceiling is looked so dazzling along its rustic nuance of Praya.

As a modern lodge, floor plan of this lodge is designed by applying triplex floor plan. Aluminum material is applied as main material for ripple balustrade with black color. Meanwhile, for stairs design, triangle open stairs are applied since it will make triplex floor plan is not too high for a modern lodge. Indeed, rustic granite stone is still being applied for interior wall. However, some compartments are applied by concrete wall. For a modern living space, this modern lodge is the most dazzling place in Praya.

Moreover, for wall shelves, wooden material is applied as main material. Thus, modern furnishings are looked so classy to be used as main interior ornament. Indeed, minimalist furniture that is applied on this modern lodge for main interior design is so precisely perfect. Therefore, designing lodge for living space in Praya or high hill, applying natural material for main design as the same as wooden floor designs is so dazzling.

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